Surveys & Inspections – from £150


The production of plans can greatly assist our clients regarding fire safety and fire safety management. The main reasons for this include (but are not limited to) the following;-

  • Assist staff training and evacuation/emergency planning
  • Assisting the Fire Risk Assessment Process
  • Assist in auditing, monitoring and fire safety management within premises (with particular emphasis on being able to perform this remotely)
  • Meet requirements as set out in British Standards relating to fire safety devices and the production of “as fitted” drawings
  • Meet requirements set out in British Standards relating to fire safety and fire safety management of buildings
  • Provide (where necessary) the fire and rescue service with the required information regarding premises which they attend in the event of a fire
  • Satisfy other inspecting authorities who would request this information during an inspection (i.e. fire authority, Environmental health etc.)

As well as fulfilling fire safety requirements, these plans can be used for purposes including (but not limited to the following);-

  • Staff training
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote decision making
  • Remote auditing
  • Contractor control
  • System design
  • Inspections/Surveys/Patrols
  • Accompaniment to asset registers
  • Resident information/Training packs


As well as fire risk assessments, Longbridge Fire Consultants Ltd. Perform a wide range of bespoke tailor made inspections depending on your specific requirements. Whether this is auditing works performed by contractors, evaluating changes to internal arrangements or ensuring that buildings are up to standard before handover, we can assist you to achieve compliance with fire safety law and protect your company interests.