Article 11

Article 11 – from the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states:

“Fire safety arrangements

Under this article, the responsible person must make and implement arrangements for planning, organising, controlling, monitoring and review of the preventative and protective measures required by the Order. This gives rise, in the first instance, to the requirement for an emergency plan including the measures for ensuring the effective operation of the plan and for ongoing checks of the appropriateness of the plan and other measures.

These arrangements will typically also relate to measures required by means of other articles, such as those for the appointment of competent persons to assist (organization and control), the need to review the assessment (monitoring) and so forth. The purpose is to require effective management control of the fire safety arrangements in the premises. Enforcing authorities should take particular note of the need for arrangements made by the responsible person to be ‘appropriate, having regard to the size of [an] undertaking and the nature of its activities’. This will also include the hazards and risks that are present.

The arrangements must be recorded where five or more persons are employed (whether in one location or spread over a number of locations), a license is in force, or an alterations notice requiring such a record is in force in relation to the premises.”