Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering is a vital aspect of all building design processes and applies science and engineering principles, codes, and expert judgment to protect property, people, and their environments from the destructive effects of fire and smoke. It is applied to resolve conflicts with existing codes and identifying cost effective solutions to achieve compliance with Building regulations. Fire engineering techniques can be adopted to assist with the acceptance of designs by building control and the enforcing authorities.

Approved Document B states:

“Fire safety engineering can provide an alternative approach to fire safety. it may be the only practical way to achieve a satisfactory standard in fire safety in some large and complex buildings.”

Expert fire engineering ensures life safety, asset protection and business continuity. Longbridge Fire Consultants Ltd. has experience in assisting clients meet their legal responsibilities by providing design solutions, Fire Safety Strategies and consultation on a variety of projects throughout the design and construction phase.

The discipline of fire protection engineering includes, but is not exclusive to; –

  • Active fire protection – fire suppression systems, and fire alarm.
  • Passive fire protection – fire and smoke barriers, space separation
  • Smoke control and management
  • Escape facilities- Emergency exits, Fire lifts etc.
  • Building design, layout, and space planning
  • Fire prevention programs
  • Fire dynamics and fire modeling
  • Human behavior during fire events
  • Risk analysis, including economic factors